We are an international medtech company specializing in unprecedented ophthalmic solutions that improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world.

FEYENALLY™ is a med-tech company focusing on the digital solutions related to eye examination, diagnostics and therapy.

  • eyeTEST™ is our unique solution enabling patients to self-examine their eyes refractive error at home using just their smartphone. The distinguishing factor is the fact that objective testing methods are implemented. Moreover, this solution can support the opticians and ophthalmologists who could monitor the progress of the refractive error without the patient visiting in person. Our solution makes eye diagnostics available to everyone, regardless of their location and material status.
  • At the same time, digitalOCULIST™ - the comprehensive solution related to vision therapy and monitoring is being developed.

Our Mission.

Digital healthcare for everybody.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of millions of people around the world by finally providing accessible methods for eye examination, diagnostics and eye therapy, as well as improving the work of doctors, enabling them to focus on the most demanding cases.

Our Solutions.


Remote Eye Examination.

Verify your eyes refractive error at home, using just your mobile device. Cutting-edge solution - the first one in the world to use objective testing methods.

Objective methodology

Unique combination of objective methods used to define the refractive error of your eyes.

Quick test

The test takes just a few minutes and requires nothing more than your mobile device.

Fully safe

There is no need to visit the specialists in public places while taking the test.

The mobile app available in your favorite app store soon.

Three easy steps.

Three easy steps to have your eyes tested for refractive error.

  • Questionnaire.

    Fill in a basic questionnaire in the app.

  • Take photos.

    Perform 3 simple tests by taking photos of your eyes - guided by AI.

  • Submit.

    Get the results of your eyes' refractive error.


Therapeutical solutions related to eyes.

Comprehensive path that implements solutions developed as part of remote eye exam (much easier to implement when the first step is performed during the stationary visit).

Completely remote

Remote monitoring of the patient's health (decreasing the frequency of stationary visits).

Broad scope

Therapeutic / rehabilitation exercises in the mobile app for various ophthalmic conditions.


Regular remote monitoring of the effects of eye treatment.

The mobile app available in your favorite app store soon.

Our Team.

Group of professionals with a perfect blend of academic and business acumen.

Matt Toporowicz
Developed eyewear business for 9 years working closely with ophthalmologists and opticians. Graduated from the Industrial Design. Enthusiast of unconventional solutions and the latest technologies.
Peter Kruszynski
Ex-CEO of leading food delivery platform. Spent 2 years in USA, advising Fortune500 companies. 10+ years of experience in finance (Deloitte, EY). Graduated from the Technical University of Lodz.
Wojciech Drzewiński
Head of Technology
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning specialist. 15 years of managerial experience in government projects for the Office of Electronic Communications. Specialist in the field of 3D digitization, VR and AR.
Joanna Przezdziecka-Dolyk
Head of R&D
Optometrist and doctor of medical sciences in the field of ophthalmology and vision therapy. Gained unique experience at the University of Edinburgh in the field of Clinical Ophthalmology. Held numerous courses and internships globally.
Paulina Krzyszowska
Operations Manager
Experienced project manager with broad knowledge of e-commerce operations. Specialist in the field of administration and operations.
Michael Gorzad
Board Advisor
Serial entrepreneur and founder of successful companies both in software and hardware segments. CEO of Wireless Instruments (Wi-Fi antennas manufacturer), selling their products to USA, LATAM, Africa and Asia.


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